Chaparral Labs Arimapro & BPS Endosurge

  1. Chaparral Labs Arimapro & BPS Endosurge

    Hi guys,

    All my research keeps taking me to AM so I figured I need to join you guys.
    Back Brief:

    In the military and tested positive for gear after taking dan freemans test400 PH about 2 years ago but cleared my name in the end. Obviously now I'm limited to natty test products and have used:
    Anabolic minds Taurotest - Good results but I think I'm adapting to it now
    Axis labs HyperTest - great first cycle but nothing from my second time cycling it
    Animal Stak - very spotty from this, great focus but it's now on our banned list for some reason!
    Primaforce DAA - angry man with no muscular gains.

    ive traine properly since 2006 and I train 5 times a week using a sensible split. I eat 3500-4200 calories over 6/7 solid meals.

    so here's my question:

    I managed to get hold of 2 tubs of Endosurge and I'm going to run it with the arimapro. It's not a PCT but after doing my homework it looks like it has the potential to be a quality stack. What I don't want is it to be too overpowering.

    What do you guys think of it? Has anyone tried similar? Any advice for the new guy?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Any thoughts on this guys? I start it tonight. I just dont want to be too high on the nettle extract

  3. wrong section, re post in the sup section.

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