Havoc Cycle while on HRT Help!!

  1. Havoc Cycle while on HRT Help!!

    Hey everybody, I am going to be running my second Havoc cycle in two weeks while I am currently preloading hawthorn. However, I have been on HRT (Androgel 1.62% x2 pumps) For the last 3 months. I will have to modify my cycle while on HRT and I know that I will not need to use a SERM this cycle. I may implement Arimidex or an AI if needed but please give me any advise to approach this cycle and be able to keep the most gains out of this cycle. I was planing on running the following:

    Wk1-4: 20/30/40/40

    Omega-3 x6
    Life support x2
    Taurine 3-5g
    Hawthorn x2
    Multi etc.

    Please give me feedback on my cycle and my dosage, thank you

  2. It would help if for any feed back, also when I finish my cycle after the last two weeks at 40mg should I be able to maintain my gains just using HRT?

  3. Epi/Havoc. 20mg is a waste of time especially on 4 weeks.

    30-40mg is common sweetspot and 6 weeks being Epi generally requires 3 weeks to kick in (assuming you have dosed adequatelyfrm the start).

    You hqve only bn on hrt 3months - i recommendwaiting and getting this in check first.

  4. I question if you are really on HRT. If you're only doing 2 pumps, that's not really enough to replace all your natural test production. It looks like to me, that your Dr. is supplementing your test production with the Androgel.

    Granted, it's all just semantics. However, it could make a difference if you run a PH cycle. If you are fully suppressed, and do nothing else during your PCT, you could lose some of your gains and your own test production may not come back - at least not to the amount that it is at now.

    You might want to consider running your PCT Androgel during your cycle and run a regular PCT regimen with no Androgel. This would bring your own test production up quickly. You could then resume running the Androgel after your PCT is over.

    Just my two cents.

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