Cycle Check pt2

  1. Cycle Check pt2

    After a load of hours think I've sorted my first ph cycle at last!

    During cycle: Pure Cycle Support, Taurine, Fish Oils...

    Pro-Mag 70/70/105/105/105/105
    Pro-Stano 400/400/600/600/600/600

    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    DAA 3/3/3/3

    Worth adding Clomid?

    If anyone says that they had better results with hdrol I'll flip haha let me know as I'm really 50/50 between hdrol / pmag.

    I know that pmag is more of a bulking ph and hdrol recomp/cutting but I want to bulk as much as I can in one cycle + lose some bf % is pmag the option?

  2. pmag is a great choice for a first cycle. you could run stano a full 8 weeks if you have enough, clomid is not needed with nolva and add an AI in pct.
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  3. Suggest anything that wont kill my Libido as Erase did

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