Tren + MENT, pushing my luck with PR agonists ?

  1. Tren + MENT, pushing my luck with PR agonists ?

    Running a low dose recomp. Test E 300mg/wk + Tren E 200mg/wk. I had some MENT (the prohormone) and AndroMass I wanted to use up so I've kick started the cycle with this. Running the MENT at 30-35mg Pre-workout bc of the ultra short half-life. AndroMass at 6 caps a day. I'm only 1 day past my second Tren injection. Between that and the AndroMass and MENT, I'm starting to get very slight puffiness on my left nipple (my "problem" nipple) and a slight sensitivity in the glandular tissue beneath it. It is NOT full blown gyno yet but something is definitely tweaking it. Highly doubt I have that much E2 circulating yet. My guess is PR with a slight elevation of E2. I dont know since I'm so early into the actual injections with such a long acting ester. In any case, I'm wondering if Tren + MENT may be pushing my luck anyway.

    MENT is ~30% as strong a PR agonist as progesterone (and about 9 times higher than nandrolone) according to THIS. Most would NOT consider running deca + tren because of the PR interplay. As such, MENT is what I would call highly progestogenic. I suspect this to be the culprit. Trenevar (PH) has given me the same type of issue in the past.

    I've started exemastane @ 6.25mg ED + Nolva 20mg (the nolva is temporary) and Caber @ .25mg. I'm hoping after 3-4 days of the the "flare up" will subside a bit. I dont really play around with gyno (especially PR induced gyno) and so I'm coming out guns blazing. I could probably smash this with higher dose letro + caber (which I have) but I was hoping to try a more subtle approach without dropping estrogen way low. Thoughts?
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. are you using an ai?

  3. I found a company that sells transdermal ment? Wtf

  4. why wtf? i suggested this to phf, but they didn't like the idea. I think it'd be a good one.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    are you using an ai?
    As the post indicates, exemestane.
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

  6. Its not the Tren, as it does not aromataze to E2. So if anything, I would think it's progesterone induced. Don't know anything about MENT, so can not comment. You have a great re-comp with the Tren/test, why don't you drop back to this and treat with an AI for now, that will certainly take care of the Test aromataze to E2. I think I would add Winnie to this and you would have a killer re-comp.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
    As the post indicates, exemestane.
    so, would you please explain to me what progestin gyno is

  8. your mena dosage is pretty low.

    for those that dont know, ment is 7a methyl nor testosterone, an aromatizable nor androgen.

    mena, what the op is using, is 7a methyl nor androstenedione, also an aromatzable androgen.

    the half life of ment is said to be as low as 45min, with as long as 4hrs being reported. it'll vary.

    when I beta tested mentabolan for phf, i found 30mg to be a nice dosage, with decent hardening, recomp effects, with no sides.

    so for starters, i'd drop the mena, and save it for later.

    instead you should be using low dosed winstrol (50mg) or 300mg of pstanz e/d if you're worried about progestin receptor interaction.


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