Post your favorite/most effective PCT stack

  1. Post your favorite/most effective PCT stack

    As the title says, I want to see what everyone's favorite PCT stacks are.

    Obviously a SERM is the centerpiece but what other products have helped you out with keeping gains or feeling good in general?

    I know the most common additions are an AI, cortisol control, creatine, and DAA.

    What are some other good products? ??

  2. 4 weeks serm

    4 weeks 6-bromo, 50mg starting week 3 of serm.

    Inhibit p weeks 1-8

    Reduce xt weeks 1-8

    Fadogia agrestis (sp) 1g weeks 1-4

    Pct assist weeks 1-4

    Animal pm weeks 1-8

    I doubt you will experience a better pct than this.

    Is it needed? Na, but it's certainly very nice, and makes things so easy

  3. For my last SD cycle I ran this for a PCT

    PES Erase
    CES Cycle Assist
    Multi Vitamins
    and some pre-workout drink I'm trying at the time...

  4. Clomid
    Powerlabs pct assist
    Daa of course
    Green tea
    Of course all the main support supps, wont go in derail

    Pretty basic works great for me

  5. Clomid
    1 carboxy 800mg before bed
    Formestane 75-100mg daily
    AI testopro per bottle
    Fadogia 1.5g daily
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  6. Clomid
    Intimidate and testabolan v2
    Alpha t2

    I never felt like I came off cycle wit this stack. I had to stop myself from making gains during pct.
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.


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