Mechabol and test E?

  1. Mechabol and test E?

    Hey guys. Starting week for 4 of my SuperDmz 2.0/ test E run which will wrap it up. Using test E at 200 mgs/wk and the Super DMZ x2/ day. This has been awesome btw and put on some serious bulk comparable to other anadrol/ test cycles I ran years ago. Was really eating for mass and I put on a little more fat than I would have liked but oh well. Looking for something to run for the next 4 weeks to help me stay solid and strong while I cut back calories before starting PCT. I'm on the test E year round at 200 mg/week so I wont be discontinuing that.

    I've been out of the game as far as gear is concerned for a while (this is my first run in over 3 years). Some interesting compounds on paper but never know how they actually work until trial and error. So how would Mechabol with the test treat me while I start to cut calories? Just want to improve vascularity and maintain some strength. From what I read it seems to be pretty versatile compound. What kind of dosages are used in a cut?

    I've also got some Trenazone, Trenavar, and other goodies but haven't really decided what I'm going to do with these yet. Should I use the Trenazone along with the Mechabol or will that be too wet? I honestly don't know what to do with the Trenavar - I was sent that in error in place of the Trenazone so I have both now.

    Any advice, comments, input would be appreciated. I know my diet is the main player in my goal so that is solid. Just looking for some input on the products on hand. Thanks.

  2. I would suggest a dose of 250-300mg of test E per week with 100-150mg of mechabol per week. Trenazone probably wouldn't be too wet, it really depends on your diet like you said.
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