Superdrol Bridge Mechabol Opinions plz

  1. Question Superdrol Bridge Mechabol Opinions plz

    This will be my 4th cycle first was mechabol 6weeks,, ultradrol mechabol 6weeks,,,, SDMZ 2.0 4weeks. So its time for superdrol i will run SD for 3weeks with stano-200 @ 800-1000 ed. have been doing alot of research on doing an SD bridge into a less harsh ph to solidify gains whatever they may be from the SD i have searched and read up but have not found much from any source that has actually ran this bridge . I would really like to hear from any1 that has ran this setup b4, but would also like to hear any1s opinions on this cycle in general. help me out here ppl thanks.

    6Week Cycle:
    SD: 10-20/20/20/0/0/0
    Mecha: 0/0/50/75/75-100/75-100
    Stano-200: 800-1000 all 6Weeks

    I have all the support sups and PCT in order ,,,,

  2. Bump some 1 any1?????

  3. Too many orals IMO.
    I would start the stano at 600, run the SD 4 weeks, up the stano to 800 on week 3, 1000 starting week 5, and maybe even bump it to 1200 the final week.
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  4. Either run SD+Stano or run Mecha+Stano. Stacking sd and mecha seems like a poor choice.
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