Cycle on a budget, this is what I have!

  1. Cycle on a budget, this is what I have!

    Ok, I'm 217 as of now,242 as of 4 months ago, doing a body opus style diet, low carb weeks, depleat, then carb up till Saturday bed time, trying to get to single digit bf% 15 now!
    Diet and work outs are on point, looking to run a cycle in about 3 4 weeks, this is what I have avalibil 15ml super test 450' 4 weeks of winstrol at 50mgs a day oral, some epi, pct is covered, this will be my third real cycle, cyp& super drol 10 w/... super test, eq, winstrol, 15w/.
    So I'm not looking to bulk up just tightenn up, I was thinking
    Super T' 450 a week, 1/2ml 2x a week 14-15 weeks
    Winstrol 50mgs a day for first 4 w/
    Epi last 6 weeks including 2 weeks when I stop test, untill I start PCT
    I know test is fairly low at 450' and I'm taking two methyls?? Last cycle I ran 675 a week.
    I could get more stuff, test is thick as hell also wich makes me want to pin it with something that will thin it out,
    Just trying not to spend money, but if I have to I can, any thoughts or ideas, thx

  2. Sounds like you got it figured out. What's your age?

  3. I'm 31' you don't think 450 a week is to low'

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RoyalT81 View Post
    I'm 31' you don't think 450 a week is to low'
    Some others might, but I don't. The general rule for test is 500mg a week from what I've seen, but I don't think the lack of 50mg is going to make or break your cycle.

  5. 450 a week is fine. but id drop the epi and just use winny. are you gonna be using an ai?

  6. Why would you drop the epi? tell you the truth I got better results from that then 50mg of winny a day, if I do drop the epi I'd prob take a AI after winstrol, if i dont drop it id prob take during the 5 weeks between winstrol and epi with alittle over lap I think the both of them are a good enuf AI in them self,


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