Abort on day 5 of H-drol, Torem???

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by rayjay
    Hahaha too late the wife helped me out with it and it's all good now. Torem must seriously boost sperm production...
    Sounds like a better PCT than Clomid

  2. Wow my BP is still 151/88, it's been days since my last dose of halo... I'm still taking the cycle support, and I feel like it causes anxiety. Does hawthorn berry really spike BP this high for this long??

  3. do you have anxiety issues? fall allergies?

  4. Yeah I've had some anxiety issues before. And allergies... But I'm very in tune with my body. And I've never had high BP before. Maybe 133/75 at a doctor visit once when I was in a lot of pain and nervous because I was asking for pain killers.

    This is far outside the norm. And it usually happens an hour after taking the cycle support an lasts for several hours. And it's worse for the second dose.

    I just find this all very bizarre


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