Please Help with Test+deca cycle

  1. Please Help with Test+deca cycle

    guys, I am new here and asking for help and advices regarding starting a Test cycle for the 2nd time.

    Age 32
    Weight 156 lbs
    Height 5'9"

    the first cycle was 1 year ago 250mg test E /week for 10 weeks
    I gained weight and noticebal muscles but I lost again everything due to loss of appetite caused by depression...
    During the 1st cycle I didnít get any side effects and I used just Tribulus for PCT

    Now I am thinking to start a test. + deca cycle:
    Thatís what I have :
    test Enanthate 250mg/1ml (10 ampoules 1 ml each)
    Deca 200mg/1ml (10 ampoules 1 ml each )
    Nebido 1000mg / 4ml (1 ampoule)
    clomiphen 50mg/10tabs

    I am thinking to go for this program
    Week 1 & 2 250mg Test.E and 200mg Deca
    Week 3 - 6 500mg Test and 400mg Deca
    Week 7 Nebido 1000mg/4ml
    Wait 4 weeks to start PCT as I believe nedido stay long in the body
    The reason I am using nebido ( long-lasting testosterone undecanoate) is that I got it for free from a friend and I have not enough Test E ...

    do you think this is a good program?
    how long should I wait after the Nebido shot to start taking Clomiphen (clomid) ?
    any help would be most appreciated.

  2. You can gain more weight without the juice bro. I'm shorter and weighed 20 more lbs before I cycled and even then I could have waited. Just eat more train hard and use some natty test boosters and in the mean time do some research so you can put together a good cycle. 250 mg a week is like trt levels. You want 400 plus.

  3. thanks bro, but I am going to start a Test. cycle for rapid gain... just wondering when to use the Nebido and how long should I wait after last Nebido injection to start PCT

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