Question about gear and back surgery...

  1. Question about gear and back surgery...

    What's up guys and girls I am new here but there are hardly any discussions about running gear on someone that has previously had a spinal fusion. I am 21 years old and I am curious on the affects it would have. I had the spinal fusion back in 07 when I was in high school but I have been working out religiously since 09. For those who don't know what a spinal fusion is it is when they add a rod in your back preventing you to twist fully depending on how much of your back is covered same as a arm or leg. I am not sure on where the rod starts and ends as I was young and didnt pay to much attention to it. Roughly mid back. I can do every exercise including deadlifts, squats, and rows. I am 175 with 10% bf. I have had a few opinions before and I am curious on what more have to say. I am not planning on running gear this month or really any time soon it is just something I am curious about and I wanna know my options. thanks everyone

  2. A lot of folks on here are gonna tell you to wait till you're at least 23/25yrs old. But what compounds were you considering? I don't see why gear would interfere with your fusion surgery.

  3. i think another question is how tall are you? 175lbs is pretty big if youre 5'7 or below. but if youre 5'11 or higher, go get some burgerplex and steakadrol

  4. Sorry I forgot to mention my height I am 5'10 I wasn't going to do the gear at this age like I said I was curious on the effects and I have heard other opinions and they all said it shouldn't matter but you can never be to safe ?

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