1st time on dianabol high blood pressure

  1. 1st time on dianabol high blood pressure

    I just took about 2mg of a blue heart to see how I would react because I have anxiety.
    My doctor knows about this and I am on T.

    I felt my muscles get a bit tense and I got thirsty.

    My hands felt a bit different, did some curls to see if it was placebo or not and my right hand was a bit tingly.

    Anyway couldnt really relax probably placebo effect but I just checked my blood pressure and it was 150/77 100 pulse.

    Its kind of fluctuating between 130 and 150. I can feel it is defenetly high.

    Not sure if this is normal, I did have quiet a bit of sodium today, my BP is normally 110-125.

  2. My BP is back to normal now and I feel pretty good.

  3. Great!

    Problem self-solved!

  4. Yep but not sure if its gonna happen again or not, I will make sure I am hydrated and lower my sodium.
    It worries me this happened on such a low dose, 150BP isnt that bad but I felt bad.

  5. Pre-load on hawthorn berry and omega 3 prior to next d-bol.

    It has always eliminated my bp problems.

  6. Will do thanks.


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