New to thread in san jose

  1. New to thread in san jose

    I'm new to this thread and wanted to get info and feedback on getting back into lifting and AAS again,I've been out for like 5 years since my daughter with special needs was born,I put myself aside to take care of her,now I'm trying to get back into lifting not just for me but because my daughters wheelchair is heavy and awkward,I've don't cycle in that past but don't even know where to start,I feel like a virgin again in the scene and trying to find **** that's not bogus cuz money is tight with medical bills,so just trying to get some info about real deal and places to work out cuz only ones here are 24 hr and golds,..... Please help out,thanks everyone AM rules,been lurking just never had balls to put my **** out there cuz didn't think no one would help out or give honest feedback and resources.....

  2. Welcome. What I would recommend is googling "gyms". It will show you a list of gyms in your area, then you can do some research and decide which one you prefer more. And most of them offer trails so you can test them out.

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