Next blast to hit target weight?

  1. Cool Next blast to hit target weight?

    Been on test 500 a week for god knows how long and tried blasting with prop up to a gram but bloated like a ballon. Went with good old epi and and beast for solid dry gains. comming of a minor cut from 210 and currently weighting 200 but much leaner. Gonna be hitting up the beast at 30 mgs ED (been allready for a week). Following a carb backloading diet (**** you broscience haters) strength is going up along with weight. A possibility i can hit 220 in 4 weeKs before i have to start contest dieting. Been training 2 years around 5000 cals gym 6 days a week good stuff lol

  2. pics of 200lbs at 5'5" or i call BS
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    pics of 200lbs at 5'5" or i call BS
    double this

    was there a point to this thread?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper

    double this

    was there a point to this thread?
    I double the double and double the other thing too

  5. Look at my avi

  6. yea you look like a 200lber at 6'0. not a 200lb at 5'5

  7. 6 foot thats like the biggest complement of my life would a full body shot be better?


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