So many options, what should I run??

  1. So many options, what should I run??

    so far i have 2 cycles under my belt. Halodrol, and dimethazine. I have alot of stuff stocked up just wondering what would be the best option for next cycle. Here's what I have

    1- LGI DMZ-15(dymethazine)
    3- SD-10 (SUPERDROL)
    1- Shredded Labs M-sten
    1- Epi-10(Epistane)
    1- eStrength(superdrol & cyanostane)
    3- Stanodrol 200 mgs per pill
    1- Original Super DMZ(Superdrol & dymethazine)
    3- Super DMZ 2.0(Methylstenbolone & dymethazine)
    1- Nutraclipse Raptor(Superdrol & dymethazine)

    I was thinking either running M-Sten solo or a dmz/epi stack. Going for lean bulk. any opinions?

  2. I'd do M-Sten/Stano or DMZ/Stano. Start Stano 1 week before starting the other compound.

    I'd never touch stuff like SD, and I think that Epi might be little weak after DMZ. Also stacking two methyls is not a good idea.
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