My mechabol vs p-mag review

  1. My mechabol vs p-mag review

    Kick in: You can feel a little euphoric from the first week with mecha and in second week you will find a little increase in strength, third week really kicks in. Mechabol is faster here than p-mag.

    Feeling: Alpha Male / euphoric /same here like p-mag

    Sides: No sides but maybe you will need 3gr taurine on leg/back day. Some minor calve and back pumps for cardio/deadlift/squats enthusiasts but with 3gr taurine there is no problem with that. Same here like p-mag

    Dosage: Start from 75mg but after a month you will find that 75mg is not enough. I enjoyed it more with 100-125mg. So it’s almost the same here like p-mag as well.

    Cycle duration: My cycle was 8 weeks. Same like p-mag.

    Strength: I increased my strength during cycle and I kept most of my strength off cycle. So good keepable strength gains. Same like p-mag

    Size: Ι gained 7lbs on cycle lost 2lbs after. Keepable gains. Not wet but not very dry like epi. Same like p-mag.

    Fat loss: Minimal. It’s same like p-mag.

    Libido: High/ same like p-mag

    Lethargy: No /same like p-mag

    Nutrition: it works better with carbs so feed it with some carbs. It depends on your diet but I would prefer epi for cutting. Good for recomb/ bulking / cutting. So don’t waste it for low carb diets. /same like p-mag.

    Conclusion: Mechabol is a little better than p-mag (maybe faster kick in) but there is not so significant difference.

  2. awesome review bro!

  3. So It's pretty much just Pmag.

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  4. good review, most like it for the faster "kick in"
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  5. interdesting.

    sadly for me, pmag wasn't much of anything, now, hdrol, that stuff loves me, an i it.

    the one product im going to work on stocking up on is hdrol, 50mg-75mg e/d heaven.

  6. Great review, thanks!
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  7. Mecha vs Epi brah?


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