a word about milk thistle while "on"

  1. a word about milk thistle while "on"

  2. looks like....

    "milk thistle is very possibly good for your prostate"

    anybody read differently?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by THEBRAKES
    looks like....
    "milk thistle is very possibly good for your prostate"
    Yep, nice stuff... it never stops to surprise for the good effects

  4. Saw Palmetto too

  5. Don't forget the Flax Seed Oil and Green Tea which elicit a similar result while still serving other well known uses in a BB regime.

  6. I wish I could decipher that biochem methodology to determine what dose of Ethanol extract they used. Cell studies within an indeteminate amount are a good start, but that's all it is, how that translates into personal dosing and effects, ??????

  7. As for prostate... check into pumpkin seed oil as well. Very good.

    There is a company who makes a flax seed oil/pumpkin seed oil blend.
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  8. What's the brand of that flax/pumpkin blend shootmeagain? Sounds like good stuff...


  9. It's distributed by Arrowhead Mills. Their oils are actually produced by Omega but, for some reason, Omega does not sell a pumpkin/flax themselves.

  10. well i'd recommend that you buy the pumpkin oil from europe (austria for instance) - cost per liter - 15-20 euro; here we use it in the salad


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