Hdrol or Epi?

  1. Hdrol or Epi?

    Ran Hdrol 2 years ago and it was good. I gained some, but most noticeably for me was strength went up.
    I'm thinking of another cycle and debating to run it again or Epi? Are they very similar as far as expectations or is one better than the other?
    I'd like to put on 10-15 keepable pounds. Or is another ph better I should look into? I just don't want all bloat and strength and then lose it.

  2. Ive always found them to be similar in results. Maybe look into Pmag or Dzine

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  3. You will struggle to achieve those sorts of gains on epi.

    mw1 makes a good pitch - if you enjoyed hdrol then a promagnon clone would be a good option.

  4. Mbol 25 or mechabol if you want to pay $10 more for the same compound, ie methyl clostebol

  5. From what I've been hearing from a few others is Epi is probably not the best choice for me to gain size as its more for recomp or cutting.
    Hdrol looks like a better bet to gain with minimal sides.

  6. I'm on week 6 of hdrol and gains are decent (10 lbs) and the sweet spot has been 100mg. You're not going to gain a ton of mass but are going to look and feel a lot more dense. Strength gains are decent but not amazing. Epi, on the other hand, had amazing strength gains and gave me a 24/7 pump with little weight gain. You are going to have to run epi at very high doses (over 50mg) to see your desired weight gain. But this will be as harsh or more harsh than the harsh phs.

    For your goals I recommend 4-6 weeks msten. I'm doing an hdrol to msten bridge and loving it.


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