Standard Clomid and clomid + nolva doage

  1. Question Standard Clomid and clomid + nolva doage

    Im running a trenazone cycle at 2ml/day for 5 weeks. was wondering what the standard dosages would be for this cycle for clomid only, and also if i was to do a clomid+nolva run as i have both. Im 83kg (183lbs).

  2. u should use clomid only with 19-nors id do 150/100/50/50. the last week is optional if ur nuts arent back to size

  3. thanks man,
    will probably start out at 100 though. most likely 100/80/50/40

  4. depending on ur sensitivity to it 100 is a good place to start. mg per mg it isnt as strong as clomid. have u used it before?

  5. no this is my first cycle. was planning on using nolva but dont wanna find out if the whole 19-nor nolva thing is true. I hear clomid has alot more sides thats why i was planning on not using it, especially something about ****ing up youre eyesight in dosages above 100mg and making you real emotional. I doubt i'll get sides though, im not one of those people that are real sensitive to drugs n meds. im even thinking about upping my trenazone dose to 2.5ml because im not feeling that much.

  6. You may have to run 50/50/50/50/ or 50/50/50/50/50/50 (6 weeks) if you get the emotional sides, that sh*t is nasty!

  7. 50/50/25/25 will suffice with short, low-dosed cycle like that. No point at taking more of that harsh prescription drug.
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  8. i prefer clomid of nolva its wa better for htpa restoration and makes me bust massive loads, who doesnt like that? as far as emotional sides thats realy overplayed part of the emotion swings is because ut test is so low cuz u just finished a cycle especially if it was a non aromatizing cycle r estro is rebounding as well. i just finished a 6weeker with sd and stano 3 weeks ago and still feel like a beast

  9. yea true,.. never occured to me the emotional sides would also be due to low test. makes sense.. thanks alot. may now do 80/50/35/25.


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