This cycle ok

  1. This cycle ok

    Would a cycle like this be ok for experienced user

    SD 20/20/20/30
    T-Var 30/45/45/45/60/60
    Stano 600/800/800/800/1000/1000

    Clomid for pct
    Erase for pct
    Prometheus rising for pct(contains daa)

    Creatine whole cycle
    Fish oil
    Blood pressure and liver support etc

    Wondering if the ph runs would be ok together if all proper support supps and pct were taken?
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  2. Looks good. Personally I would run the sd at 30 the whole way. And the tvar at 100+. But that's just me

  3. Oh didn't realize the tvar could be ran so high seeing how it comes in 15mg caps

    Ok so ill re evaluate that. && this would be a good cycle to put on atleast 15lbs of LBM and maintain after pct. so probly have to put on like 20during cycle
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  4. And could stano be extended for 8 weeks or ahud i keep it at 6??
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  5. stano can be ran for 8 weeks
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  6. What do u guys think can be gained with this
    I treated as a bulk cycle

    Diet and trainin is in check eating above maintenence

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  7. Looks gna run stano with my nxt cycle..just finishing up sd now..
    I would say it all depends on your diet ..imo 15 pds while on keeping 10-12 after pct...but then again if your not afraid to put on a lil fat from an all out clean bulk then possibly more..hell its almost winter man put on that weight seem like you know what your doing so I'm sure ull be happy abt your gains, good luck


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