Just wondering if anyone has ever run SUSTAIN ALPHA LIQUA VADE as their only PCT for epi or anything close, and their thoughts on it.

  2. Serm is my thoughts

  3. IMO sustain alpha lv alone isnt enough for pct.
    Quality gains come with determination, dedication, self-discipline, effort... and GoD (Gallons of Drugs)

  4. Is there a good all in one PCT worth trying? I've always used 6bromo 3test oxo which has anti estrogen and liv52. That was for deca cycle, this would be for epi, maybe adding 11 oxo as well can't decide

  5. I do not suggest you run it without the rest of the products that make up our OTC PCT (TRS) the entire stack is comprehensive. It is the best option for an OTC PCT but my recommendation for an Epi cycle is that a SERM is needed and to run it at half the normal dose alongside the TRS. Testosterone Recovery Stack Gel - Primordial Performance most, myself included, find the topical to be a better product as well




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