Hcg and test - is it a must?

  1. Hcg and test - is it a must?

    Getting ready to order up

    500mgs test e a week (12 weeks)
    adex .25 eod (monitoring sides) during cycle.

    Pct with
    Liquid nolva
    Liquid clomid

    I was being told to run hCG 2 times a week the day before the test injections. Being my first cycle injecting. I want to keep the pins to a minimum. So is the hCH absolutely required?

    Kinda like a no serm no cycle type of deal?


  2. Not "technicaly necessary". If you have the funds, it would aid you in testicular recovery time. I t WILL keep your nut full! HCG is a slin needle, so pinning it is no big deal. With a 12 week cycle, probably not necessary. If you are going to use it, make sure you have an AI on hand, as your E2 will increase. For me, the E2 effect of HCG makes it not worth it.

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