1. Epi-10

    Hey guys quick question. Going to run a cycle of LGI's epi-10. I have done a couple epistane cycles in the past as well as dbol/test which I ended up getting gyno in 1 nipple. I know when I did my first cycle of epi it got rid of some pre existing gyno I had (nice bonus) so I figured since I was planning to do another cycle to cut down a bit I'd do epi again. I'm planning a 6 week cycle, and have tons of cycle support and nolva on hand, as well as 2 bottles of letro should I need it. My question is this: how much epi should I run? I know most ppl think the sweet spot is 40 but is that too much for the gyno benefits! I don't want to trigger it and make it worse. And I am not running epi just to get rid of the gyno, but if it happened I wouldn't be upset lol.

  2. i think the answer is in your own experiences bud. if youve had success with a certain dosing with the goals you have in mind, then why not run the same amount you did in your previous cycle..? kind of the dont fix whats not broken theory. i would keep it under 40 anyways if your running it 6 weeks.

  3. Start at 30 and work your way up to 40/50 if you can tolerate the sides. You shouldn't need an AI on cycle but it's good your prepared.

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  4. you already said youre last epi cycle got rid of some gyno. why not start there and move up based on sides?

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