Aromasin arrived. Vial with no markings?

  1. Aromasin arrived. Vial with no markings?

    Hey guys i recieved some liquid Aromasin from our sponsors. It came with a vial but it has to markings whatsoever to help with dosing. Fortunately i do have some liquid clomid on hand from the same company and it has a vile a bit thinner in size and does have 2 markings, .5ml about half way up and near the top of the vile. Can i use this vile with the Aromisin and be squared. Today i used it for first time and went with half of the solution to be at .25ml which i equated to be 6.75mg of aromasin since aromisin has 25mg/ml. Sounds like im doing this right and i cant see why theyd send u a vial if it has no markings, what does that do?

  2. AM does not have sponsors that sell research chemicals. Contact your supplier. Thank you.

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