Is trimax worth it?

  1. Exclamation Is trimax worth it?

    Hi all

    I've never used trimax, since I feel the 'legal' fat burners
    like eca work pretty well already and arn't catablic.

    Now, I'm a endomorph, so dropping fat can be a pain, I'm considering using
    trimax in a cutting cycle in the future.

    Is the extra fat loss from trimax worth the muscle catabolism it causes.
    Lets say I do a 6 week m-dien cycle and lose 12lbs or fat and gain 6 pounds
    of muscle.

    Compared with doing m-dien and trimax and losing 20lbs of fat and 1 lb of muscle.
    It it really worth it??

    Will trimax be banned?

    When would the best time be to use trimax? When already very lean and needing to lose the last few pounds
    before a show? (say 5% 4 weeks out) Or earlier at sy 10% bf, to get pretty lean quick?

    Where can I find a 3aa transdermal already made and trimax at a good price, with
    international shipping? (I've looked around and can't find these)

  2. This is what I do when I try and loose some weight.

    I get on my diet and cardio and after week 2 I start the trimax and use it for 3 weeks.
    I find it works best this way.That stuff really makes you tired in the gym.Keep carbs up or you wont make it threw a normal work out.

    Its good stuff at 3 pills a day I could cheat here and there and could feel the food giving me energy.

    If your gona use it take it with some type of adrogen.This will help out with muscle loss.

    My only sides I get are a little tired threw the day and I take about 6 ****s/day on that stuff.

  3. Its really your call as to whether it is worth it. Personally, if I was really fat I'd run it with the mdien. If I was near my setpoint I probably wouldnt, unless I was sure the androgen would help stop all muscle loss. 12 fat loss and 6 muscle gain is worlds better in my mind than 20 fat loss and 1 muscle loss. You have to decide whether its worth it to yourself. Remember (you probably know this, but might as well reiterate) that it isnt the magic pill; if you don't lower cals and do moderate cardio, trimax wont help you. It will help prevent fat gain if your eating like a pig, but it wont help you lose jack. Trimax already has been banned by the FDA. We're just lucky that some board sponsers still sell it, as all the FDA would have to do was tell them to stop and they would have to.

    Trimax I think is better suited for those at their setpoint who want to get lower. The less fat you have, the more muscle you will lose.

    Also, I dont think any company makes a 3aa transdermal already prepared. You can get 3aa powder from and you can get transport matrix from custom or nutraplanet (or 1fast if the board sponsers dont ship international...).

  4. I ran a low dose of triamax as a stand alone. Big mistake. I thought I'd be able to get through it oaky, and wanted to see how I reacted to it. I lost some muscle, and a good amount of strength. I will never run it again without a PH or AAS.

  5. Ditto here.

    my workouts were utter **** running it alone (clen only). I was soo tired for my workouts. Was barely lifting weight that was considered 'warm up' for me it was pathetic.

    It will be stacked with something next time.


  6. Never had a problem with it (tirdness). But I use really low dosage, 1 cap a-day. You will lose muscle if you don't use an androgen.

  7. So it's already banned! What do they have it sceduled as? (aas?)

    I'm thinking about it, but I never really get fat, if I go above 15-16%bf I'll start cutting so I look decent again.

    The way I understand it's the m1t of fat burners. Real effective, but real bad side effects and very harsh.

    What would be a good alternative to trimax for dropping those last few pounds before a show to get super ripped. (Under4% bf)

    Would eca, diet and cardio get the job done over a long enough period?

    Thanx for the help, I'm leaning towards giving trimax a pass, seems hore harmful then useful.

  8. I am going to give it a try again. I ran it a few years back when Syntrax first released it as a supp. I had great results but then it was pulled. The difference is that I have an underlying Thyroid condition (hypothyroid) and I am on 150 mcgs of Synthroid a day anyway. That means I don't have to worry about shutting off my own production which could be what accounts for some of the fatigue. Remember that Triax has thyroid like activity but with different affinity for certain receptors throughout the body. Meaning for example that part of the reason it does not speed up heart rate as much as T4 or T3 is that it does not stimulate the CNS as much as either of those. But it has been shown to have a more selective effect in burning fat then T4 or T3. This means that while its total aplitude of activity (amount of increase in overall metabolism) is not as powerful as T4 or T3, for the amount that it increases your metabolism (number of calories burned at rest) it likely burns more calories from fat then muscle as compared to T4 or T3. This is all in reference to each as a stand alone. With that said I would never run any of the above compounds without an Anabolic/androgen as that is just pointless unless overall weight loss for a weight class sport is the goal.

    THe point of my lond winded response is that the fatigue could be from the Triac lowering your endogenous production of T4 and T3 (temporarily) which increases thyroid like activity in peripheral tissues (from the Triac administration) but decreases Thyroid like activity in the CNS (from lower levels of T4 and T3).


  9. you will lose muscle, and fat............but muscle loss is not avoidable even with androgens.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    you will lose muscle, and fat............but muscle loss is not avoidable even with androgens.
    This is not true. Numerous have actually gained muscle/strength while on M1T and trimax.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Enigma76
    This is not true. Numerous have actually gained muscle/strength while on M1T and trimax.
    True, but they felt like dogg**** while doing so.

    It might be worth it, if you use it with superdrol, we'll see soon enough.

  12. Oh I'm not saying the consequences of running both M1T and trimax are fun, on the contrary they are probably very harsh. I'm just saying here that trimax is not going to be stronger than any androgen seems some people think muscle loss is unaviodable.

  13. I ran it with

    1 test cyp
    Sledge Test
    And m1t (for 2 weeks)
    And m14add (for 2 weeks)

    Didnt loose any muscle on my 4 week cycle, and lost 3-4 inches on my waist, still cant see my abs though!


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