1-test cyp/ mohn stack

  1. 1-test cyp/ mohn stack

    im in the middle of a bulker right now but always looking ahead and planning future cycles. I plan to finish up end of December, PCT through January, hold on in february and start dropping cals first week of march. By April I should be ready for a 6-8 week cut cycle. I will have in my possession ~25ml 1-test cyp (200mg), 3 grams MOHN, and 5 grams MDHT. Has anyboyd stacked MOHN and 1-test? Does the MOHN help w/ the lethargy at all? I'm also a bit concerned about coming off. since its easier to put on fat and youre catabolic after coming off would this defeat the purpose of the cycle I just ran?

  2. i did a cycle of 1-T ethergels with M4OHN myself this past summer for a cut. during the main part of the phase, it was 300 mg 1-T and 28 mg M4OHN. not sure how much difference there is between 1-T ethers and 1-T cyp, but i was very happy with results. dropped a decent amount of weight during the cycle, and kept at least 95% of my strength in most exercises while increasing strength in some. I had no feelings of lethargy, and had a rather significant increase in libido. didnt get any of the negative side effects, at least any of the ones that you can notice without lab tests. i cant really say much about the last question, because i didnt do a bulk cycle previous. actually, being significantly endomorphic, ive never had the need for a bulk cycle...

    well, hope this helps out...

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