Day 5 PCT

  1. Day 5 PCT

    I just finished a cycle of cynostane

    Cycle went great no sides or anything entire time.

    Now in day 5 of pct and i notices my nipple area was a little sore when i was in the shower.

    I continued to touch and feel and my right nipple is worse. I feel like little lumps or balls very small under my nipple and its a little tender when i press. My left nipple theres only 1 or 2 very small lumps but the rigjt nipple is larger lumps that i feel when i put pressure.

    Is this gyno forming??

    My nipples dont look puffy at all when i look in mirror. Not rlly sure whats going on but i am strting to get nervous.

    As of right now i am on nolvadex and prometheus rising for Pct. I have (Triazole) on hand which is an AI. I was going to start next week. Should i start sooner??
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  2. Yep u need to start your ai...anytime you feel nipple sensitivity thats a good time to start ai...whats your nolva may want to up ur dosage, hopefully you dont have a shi*y serm, have u lost a lot of weight

  3. there are glands under your nipples that will enlarge with increase in your test levels but doesn't necessarily represent gyno. it's odd that it started after your cycle but definitely continue the ai

  4. Glands enlarge with test levels increase???
    Thats strange i never heard of that

    I though estrogen causes the glands in nipples ??
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  5. If your mammary glands are swelling that would be called gyno.

    I would probably get something stronger then triazole, erase pro at least!

    And as blaykeran said what is your nolva dosage.?



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