puffy nips after helladrol/katandrol cycle

  1. puffy nips after helladrol/katandrol cycle


    I did a 6 week hella/katadrol cycle that went really well. However, after hopping off I've been experiencing puffy nipples (two weeks now). My pct seemed to fit fine due to these products being more mild. I used Torem. 90/60/30/30. Forma Stanzol, forge pct, and DAA. I'm tapering down the Forma stanzol and taking the DAA. Any thoughts? Is my body stabalizing? I mean they aren't that harsh of a compound, so I can't imagine having a long term problem. I'm not overly panicked yet, but it is noticeable to me.

    Thank you.

  2. I'm no expert, but I think you are just being paranoid since you are using Forma which is a strong anti-e.

  3. Could be in your head, you have a few options. You could grab something like SNS Inhibit-P, use an EOD dose of arimidex or aromasin, or simply wait it out and see. Puffy nips doesn't immediately mean things are going wrong. How long has it been since you stopped your steroid usage?

  4. 4 and a half weeks since steroid usage. No, I am not paranoid. If I was paranoid I would've been freaking out about it. There is noticeable puffyness...it's just what it is hahaha. Stopped pct a few days ago.

  5. I have to ask, since it's pretty common for steroid users to be hypersensitive about gyno and gyno symptoms.. really... anything around the nipple area lol. Since you're out of PCT, i'd really recommend Inhibit-P from SNS, could really shine in this situation.



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