Trenavar question (estra-4 9 11-triene-3 17)

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    I have to run the P-Mag with the trenavar because they are all in one the same product. I already know there is no need for the p-mag but i have no choice but to run it if I wana run the trenavar too. Is that over doing it u think ?
    It's a little excessive and likely wouldn't do much at 60 mg so it's unessacary stress on your liver. You have a buddy u can sell it to? Or maybe eBay?


    Skip the dnp part n get to the first 4 weeks of the cycle.

    I ran it VERY HIGH... it's insanely strong anywhere over 60mg... i would suggest getting straight trenavar to be able to play with doses better. Doesn't mean throw out your stack product, just dose it low-> normal and supplement with straight trenavar to boost its dose appropriately.
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  3. Is there Any water retention when taking trenavar ? Or is it like epi like effects?

  4. JB, clear PMs please.
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  5. On phone.

    No water retention from Phf's trenavar

  6. I'd run the tvar at 150mg, my friend got good results at that, said he was annoyed as **** at everyone the entire time he was on. But I'd drop the sd. Promag I'd run at 100. But if they at combined. I wouldn't take pro mag over 125mg. If u run it at any dose u will get results. Especially if just using to add in muscle sparing on a cut. If u high dose it u'll do more of a lean bulk. This is all stated assuming u have a proper diet.


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