Oral Tren vs Oral Turinabol? 3rd cycle

  1. Oral Tren vs Oral Turinabol? 3rd cycle

    Hwsit guys, so Oral Turinabol vs Oral Tren??

    My first cyle was Test alone and second was dbol and now I want get leaner but get bigger at the same time.Dbol have me a lot of water bloat and I need to get rid of it during the next cycle.

    I want to take Turinabol or Tren both oral! Staying away from injections for now don't like them at all. So I know quite a lot about OT but not so much about Oral Tren?? Please help me out with some self expericances and any extra info will help me a lot
    I only want a short cycle like 4-6weeks only so I just a few kgs/lbs but on of muscle would be great!

    Thanks so much guys! Oral Turinabol vs Oral Tren??

  2. When you say oral tren do you mean methyl tren? Stuff works but its harsh as hell.
    What didn't you like about injections? If you're afraid of the pain, just reassure yourself you were an injection noob. Inject is simply the best.
    I would urge you to run Tren Ace with a low dose of Test, and kick start with the turinabol. Run the AI from day one to eliminate any possible chance of fat gain from estrogen.

    Seriously if you want to go from a bad ass inject cycle to an oral only you're going to be let down by the results.
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  3. I'm a sports athelte so I'm not looking for huge ass gains just to get bit bigger and better for my sports and that's why I'm sticking with the orals and that

  4. turinabol is your pal if you want nice lean gains, nix the tren. It'll have an impact on your cardiovascualr endurance as well so being an athlete, stay away.

  5. How should I run my Tbol cycle??
    Thanks for the help



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