how long should I wait?

  1. how long should I wait?

    I am soon to come off an m1t cycle(of which I have gained nothing from) Here's the cycle...

    Week1 m1t 10mg a day
    Week2 m1t 20mg a day
    Week3 m1t 30mg a day

    Weeks 1-4 milk thistle 1g per day

    I was planning on doing a high daily dose of methyl1, 4add for a five week cycle for my next cycle. How long should I wait to do this cycle after finishing the m1t (I am going light on the PCT as I have no gyno signs and no gains, I will take the proper measures if gyno arises)

  2. I would say at least 4 weeks with the potency of m1t. You say you gained nothing. Was your diet, rest and training in check? Even if you had no gains/sides I would still do a full-blown PCT, it's cheap and safe.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. pct might be cheap, but its illegal and thus something I am not willing to buy. If I got gyno, I would have my Dr. perscribe me something. Everyone buys pct online "for medical purposes only". That is the shadiest sh** I have ever heard.

  4. PCT is not for gyno. PCT is what stimulates your your natural testosterone production to start up again. Your HPTA is probably near 100% shut down after your cycle. Without these so-called "illegal PCT chems", it will take months for you to fully recover. If you do anything but a full PCT with M1t, you are just asking for problems. You need to wait a long time before you're ready for another cycle.

    Your doc is not gonna prescribe you anything for gyno, it's idiotic to think of that as your solution. You would need full blown b-cups before a doc would even acknowledge there was a problem.

  5. Wow... no wonder you didn't see any gains.

  6. My diet, training and sleeping habits are right on point. I have been at this game for a long time know and I know what i am doing in that domain. I know what PCT is and is for. However, some have told me that i could be a non-responder to m1t and thus PCT would not be needed. If i underwent 100% shutdown, shouldnt I be seeing gains? at least some?
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    Just look at JayHawks many M1T cycles and see what it did to him. If you have morals about "illegal" PCT products then maybe you aren't ready for M1T again seeing as it is illegal as of Jan. 20th '05. Thats like saying all drugs are legal until New Years Day. Does that mean morally its ok to smoke crack, sniff coke, and shoot up dope until New Years Day?! It is still a drug. You made the decision to use a POWERFUL substance like M1T so be responsible enough to do a full 4 weeks of PCT!

  8. no moral problems, I just dont wanna get in trouble with the law. Even if I did have PCT I would not admit it on a board. Just cuz I know people who have gotten in trouble for admiting riod use online. I know that everyone is gonna nail me for this one, but what if I double dose metacort for 2weeks for PCT, will that do anything? I have noooo sides effects, not even reduced libido, actually, I more horny than ever and I know that can't be cuz of m1t use.

  9. I would go to jail for my nolva....

  10. people have answered your questions numerous time, yet you keep asking it in different ways

    you don't like what you're hearing but that's all you're going to hear

  11. what brand of M1T was you using?

  12. Being shut down has no effect on gains. I'm not sure why you weren't able to gain on M1t if everything was OK with diet & training, it doesn't make sense. Maybe the stuff was bunk. Have you had any testicular atrophy? I get shrinkage withing 2 weeks on m1t. That could be a sign that it wasn't working.

    The only way to tell if you are shut down then is a blood test. I suggest you get some bloodwork done.

  13. underground labs m1t

  14. Thats about 12 people who said M1T isnt working.
    Most of them used highpower...and couple UnderGround labs.

    I said this before...this problem needs to be addressed.

  15. i am still on the m1t for one thing, but it does have to do with keeping gains, as for nut srinkage, maybe a little, I cant tell

  16. Full PCT...If you are not going the research chem route then get 6oxo. I would take at least 6 weeks off as my personal experience with 4 weeks seemed a little short.

    there is a chance that you got a bad batch but i would lean towards something not right in your diet,workout, sleep plan. Post what they are and from there i'm sure it can be decided if the M1t wasn't the right stuff. I've bought exclusive UL M1T over a year and never had a problem...Well with its potency anyways

  17. my stats, diet, etc are posted on the thread "why is m1t not working for me". Trust me, its not my routine.

  18. How long have you been on that workout routine. I was seeing no gains till I changed my workout. If you have been on this workout for a short time and you getting enough sleep etc then maybe you did get a bad batch. I checked mine and they are several batches before yours so I guess it is possible. Email UL about it and find out.

    I wouldn't go above 20mg though.

  19. I hear UL might have bad m1t. its cheap buy a reputable label. I'm a hard gainer and M1t worked for me. I love it.

    also 60X0 if no nolva. even if your not shut down the 6oxo should help you gain a little.

  20. UL is a reputable label. Possible bad products are possible with any brand. If it is indeed bad it will be replaced.


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