1test/4AD ratio?

  1. 1test/4AD ratio?

    Hi board...im a newbie to pH...
    After years of avoiding them...im finally jumping in.
    Stats:26y, 140lb, bf 12%, 5'7, seriously working out for around 3 years. but on and off a little more.
    So here's a few qu'
    Goal: Build mass.

    Whats the logic behind the 1test/4AD ratios? (other than price)

    For example T1 and T1Pro have a 2:1 ratio. What are the benefits of each? Why might one want twice the amount of 1 test? Or twice the amount of 4AD? More 4AD seems to be related to more water retention and fat gain due to estrogenic activity. Any other considerations?

    From what i've read, 4AD has more estrogenic effects-from the increase in test while 1T has more androgenic side effects. How significant are these side effects?

    Also what do ppl think about 1:1 combinations? or 1:1:1 combination adding 1,4-andro (as in Trenabol-X)?

    I'm thinking of doing a 3-4 wk cycle. Followed by Clomid and ZMA

  2. Ratio's 1-test - 4-ad

    2:1 very lean gains
    1:1 lean but some water
    1:2 lots of water and some bf% gain will probably be noticed

    The side effects from the 4-ad are minimal. You may get itchy nips but thats about it. Nothing to worry about. The 1-test can give you hairloss and enlarged prostate(androgenic).. Other than that the only other side effect is lethargy from the 1-test. You always want to do about at least 1/2 as much 4-ad to 1-test to combat this hinderence of a side effect.... Then you grow.... hehehee. Hope that helps.. talk to ya...
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  3. Thumbs up

    curt's breakdown ill recommend you try the T1 with your current frame and put on some good amount of weight. THen move on to a more 1-test based mix. Exactly what i did. Sage

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