Current PH Stock - What to run?

  1. Current PH Stock - What to run?

    I've been out of the gym for almost the whole year due to injury. I've finally had my shoulder fixed, and am wrapping up the post-surgery PT and rehab, should be able to hit the weights again heavy within a week or two. I plan on running clean for 4 weeks, just to get my muscles ready for a beating, then beginning a new cycle of something.

    I'm not new to PHs, have run cycles before, including pep stacks. What I'd like is some recco's on what I should stack or run solo, etc, from out of my current in-house stock. Also, I have on hand full support(Life Support/Liv52) and PCT(Tamox/Erase Pro/Letro if needed) already, so that area is covered.

    What I have now:

    61 Epi - Partial Bottle
    168 Andro Lean - Full Bottle
    120 Halo-Plex - 2x Full Bottles
    338 ForeRunner Labs Alpha Mass - 2x Full Bottles
    75 CEL Dzine - Full Bottle
    Multiple vials of GHRP-6 and Frag 176 peps, with supplies.

    I also have(non-PH, possible addition to PCT):
    Bulk DAA
    TCF-1 - More DAA
    USP Test Powder - Yes, more DAA
    Sustain Alpha
    Random Fat Burners - Alpha T2, Compound 20, Raspberry Ketones, Primatene Tabs, and a bottle of X-Factor Advanced.

    Yes, I know some of the stuff isn't all PH-related even, but maybe it gets thrown in somewhere, or saved for later?

    So any suggestions? I'm looking for multiple cycles(No, not run consecutively. I know the rules..just trying to plan ahead as much as possible), and would not rule out buying more of something to have enough for a full cycle with support/PCT.


  2. I'm surprised you haven run the GHRP-6 during PT. Isnt it supposed to increase healing from an injury like this? I don't know much about peps but I thought people often used them to help recover from surgery

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