Got a call back from the doctor..

  1. Got a call back from the doctor..

    Hey guys I had gyno developed back through puberty and in 2006 at 18 went through surgery. I got curious recently if my glands were removed and the surgery center returned my call saying they don't still have my record but that they don't remove tissue without also removing the glands.

    I started yesterday my log of lmg/dmz and was worried about on cycle prolactin and after cycle gyno. Do I now not need to have these worries? I'm taking inhibit-p and extra p-5-p for prolacting and then will run erase week 2 of pct. is all this not needed anymore? Any benefits to still using AI for pct?

  2. Pct is to get your testes workin again which is why you want a serm my man.

    Having an ai on hand won't hurt and if ya don't need it better safe than sorry. You can just have it for a just in case scenario but sounds like you're probably good and had it removed.

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