Is dry nipples a high estro or prolactin symptom?

  1. Is dry nipples a high estro or prolactin symptom?

    As the title states..Is dryness, almost looking like the skin could peel (kinda scaley) a side from high estrogen or prolactin issue?

  2. I would have to say no. Any other symptoms?

    Sorry I can't help anymore but never herd of that, can't help to notice your name... Maybe it is an infection lol.

  3. Haha, scaley is prob a bad way to describe its not that bad.. Only other prob/issue is one looks a lil puffy.. I had both nipples pierced when i was younger so scar tissue made em a lil different

  4. Have you recently ran a cycle or on cycle, need more info, If so what did u take,

    Puffiness, tenderness, lumps behind the nipples can all be signs of gyno. Gyno is actually the mammary gland behind you nipple being stimulated causing it to swell.

    As you know The gland can be stimulated by steriods/pro hormones etc.

  5. Yea i've ran a couple.. 6 weeks of epi back in march.. Thats when i noticed it, so it didnt think it was estro related but ya never know all peeps are different.. I jus recently read somethin bout progestin or prolactin sides (dont remember which one) bein possible from epi, so it made me wonder



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