Ey fellas im currently on my 2nd cycle and im using 10ml of sustanon 250 @500 mg per week,Tren acetate 100mg @300 mg per week or eod,and clenbuterol for cutting at 40mg 1st week,2nd week 80 and so on..i have nolvadex,clomid and arimidex all in hand.What do you guys think of this cycle?i want to gain lean muscle on this cycle,im currently at 212 pounds 3weeks in to the cycle in which i stated a weight of 204.This cycle is great but the side effects are killing me.My diet is pretty clean im eating like a horse.Drinking a gallon of water a day,multivitamins,amino acids and fish oil on hand.please guys help become more knowledgable its greatly appreciated.help me build effective cycles.