Dermacrine for lethargy?

  1. Dermacrine for lethargy?

    So I'm doing an 8 week cycle of Trenazone/5-Alpha Test. Week 3 starts on Wednesday, running Tren at 1.5ml for two more weeks then bumping to 2ml for the rest of cycle most likely, and 3, 5alpha tabs per day all the way through. Let me just say the lethargy is kicking my ass! I have no energy and no motivation in or out of the gym, I just wanna lay around all day. So I decided to order some Dermacrine to help raise my test and combat the rise in estrogen (which I'm assuming is causing my issues). Any help/tips/ideas/critiques/etc. would be very much appreciated

  2. Anyone?

  3. I have used DHEA/Pregnenolone to battle lethergy for years. I have also used Dermacrine. I have found that oral DHEA/pregnenolone works best for lethergy. I think it's because when applying Dermacrine to the chest and shoulder area more converts to androgens. I personally like DTP but there are other brands that are good as well.

  4. Thanks man, I had ordered the Dermacrine before I posted this so I'll hopefully be getting it tomorrow or the next day. Next time I'll just cough up the cash up front instead of being a cheap a** lol. But then again I may not need it next time cause I kinda wanna step up to the real deal!

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