Hello Chaps.

    I would very much appreciate your thoughts on my PH cycle and PCT. I'm embarking on a 6 week cycle for dry recomposition in late November. I'm 35 and weigh 215lb with 15% bodyfat and have one PH cycle under my belt - 4-AD. This is my proposed 2nd cycle.

    6 weeks of both Methyl masterdrol 3 and Pmag. I will be running the MM3 at 5 caps per day and 75mg per day of Pmag for 6 weeks. Will be running 500mg per day of liquid milk thistle throughout. Diet will be very low carb and high protein with moderate fat. Other supplements i'll be taking will be 4g per day of fish oils, 1500mg per day of Glucosamine, and a very high strength vitamin&mineral supplement. The aim is to drop some bodyfat and preserve as much strength and lean mass as possible, with the possibility of gaining some lean mass. Training will be 5X5 with some plyometrics and isometrics as part of the program.

    Postcycle therapy will be 4 weeks. I have Estosuppress which is a certified over the counter Serm, that works very well. I'll be running this at 20mg per day for 3 weeks and 10mg per day for 1 week. In conjunction with Estosuppress i'll be running Erase at 75mg perday for 4 weeks and 3g per day of DAA. I was thinking of adding 50 - 100mg per day of MM3 to the PCT as a non-suppressive androgen??? Not sure about this. I also have 200 50mg caps of 6bromo - would this be better than MM3 in regards to stacking alongside Pmag??? What's the best out of the 2 in your opinion??? Finally, i have 75 400 mg caps of 4-AD (DHEA) - could i incorporate this at a half-dose ie.. 200mg into PCT aswell???

    Thankyou for your input

    Lonely winner

  2. "BUMP" Any views on my cycle lads? I'd appreciate it.

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