Hey guys so for my first cycle I was planning on running test e. My buddy had said he could get it so I gave him the money and he ended up getting something totally different. Now i got this vial of Super Test 400 which is a blend of:
Test cypionate 50mg
Test enanthate 50mg
Test phenypropionate 40mg
Test propionate 30mg
Test decanoate 200mg
Test isocaproate 30mg

He also got himself a vial and is saying this is what he's going to run. Im not sure if I should run this as my first cycle so im letting him take my vial and I will just find test e somewhere on my own. Anyways, his buddy used to pin him and now I will be doing it for him since I have experience with needles. The thing is he doesn't know how much he was pinning before. So the questionis how much should he be pinning? He said he used to pin every 4 days. Im 5'11 and I believe he's taller by 1 or 2 Inches. He weighs I would say 220-230.