Okay so I'm currently on day 31 of a solo Epi run, and have a couple samples of some Testosterone igniting preworkouts. My question is whether they will adversely effect my Epi, or impact things negatively. Is it safe and okay to use these while cycling Epi?

    The products are: 1.) GAT Nitraflex- Hyperemia & Testosterone Enhancing PWD 2.) BETANCOURT BULLNOX AndroRush- Testosterone Igniter

    Can anybody give me some help/answers/advice? Thanks in advance!

  2. taking natural test boosters on cycle wont get you big gains... but help you feel good on cycle your body works better

  3. neither of them will boost testosterone. it's just advertisement.

    bullnox just has tribullus, maca, and horny goat weed as its test booster along with all your other prewo ingredients. you'll get a good workout and a boner, that's about it

    I dunno what the hell is in gat nitraflex but I worked out for 2 hours straight on it and was way too wired. watch your BP on both of them, obviously
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  4. Both good answers, thank you guys! And bump for anybody else with anything to say, even though I pretty much got my answer

  5. You will be fine, I've ran Formula-X a couple times on PH's, the full serving of DAA def helps the balls stay full on cycle, if it's not too long of a cycle that is.
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