Quick question for y'all

  1. Quick question for y'all

    Gonna be taking H-drol and was wondering if anyone has any nice/creative tips on how you might hide your gains while on cycle from people you see a lot like co-workers? Just bigger baggier clothes?...Don't see or hear much info about stuff like this, so I figured i'd ask plus I'm sure it goes through alot of ppls minds.

  2. just walk aroud with no ****s given man. not much you can do besides wear bigger clothes and come up with an alibi if you care that much. as im prepping for my next run i was thinking the same thing. just come up with a decently long list of natural substances, creatine monohydrate, branch chain amino acids, your favorite pre workout supp, tribulus ect, most people will just think your a supplement junkie and arnt educated enough to realize that those things arnt capable of those gains and just tell them to look those compounds up if they question any of the legality of said substances.

  3. Just say its water weight from creatine. Most people who are uninformed that I have spoke with think it bloats you up haha. Other than that just wear baggy clothes lol.

  4. Cell tech and nitro tech brah.

  5. Alright guys appreciate the advise that all sounds good.

  6. When they compliment you just tell them you've Been hitting the gym hard. And enjoy their praise and jealousy haha


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