Boldenone Acetate

  1. Boldenone Acetate

    Does anyone know of a recipe to make an injectable from Boldenone acetate? Or can it be dissolved in an oral solution ande taken orally?
    Thanks for your time guys

  2. injectable... it would be very similar to making Tren acetate or prop.

  3. I'm assuming it would be much less painful then EQ prop aswell. :P

  4. might be.. but I figure it would be alittle more painful

  5. I've come across some powder and I want to convert it, not sure though how?

  6. I have come across some BoldAce too and looking for a good recipe as well.I am bumping this to the top^^^^^

  7. Hmmm, how about 3% BA and 17%BB?


  8. I've done up Boldenlone Prop at 3% / 15% at 100mg / ml.

    I'm handling it decently enough... mind you I'm mixing it with pharma grade test prop, and splitting doses bilaterally so I don't inject more then .5ml of Boldenlone prop into any one muscle.

    But the point is... I'm still able to function... I imagine the acetate would be similar...

    I did take it straight though in the interest of science, and it's pretty nasty stuff. If it weren't for tylenol and anti-inflamatories I would of been a hurting unit.

    Although mathew thinks it might be more painful? OUCH...

  9. Hey Carlito,try 3%BA and 12%BB.I have searched around and found this is the most popular one.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by regino007
    Hey Carlito,try 3%BA and 12%BB.I have searched around and found this is the most popular one.
    Thanks a lot Regino0071 I will let you know how it goes.

  11. cool.........

  12. I would use 2%BA/20%BB at 100mg/ml. The reason I go so high with my BB is that it thins out the injection and BB is 100% painless. So other than cost issues (oil is cheaper than BB) I would say more BB is better.

  13. Carlito,did you get yours to hold?I had to go 5% 20% in order for it to work.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by regino007
    Carlito,did you get yours to hold?I had to go 5% 20% in order for it to work.
    No it did not, I got more powder so I will make it with the ratios you tried.
    Thanks I thought of increasing more BB instead of BA but since it worked for you I will increase the BA.

  15. I hope this is less painful than bold prop.

  16. I hope so

  17. Has anyone figured out if bold ace is more or less painful then bold prop?

  18. call me a sissy but I'm too scared to try.

    bump.. carlito?

  19. this is from post 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    because I know of a couple of cases that the powder that was recieve was ether a. bold base or b had about about 25% bold base content. ether would be a. very painful to inject regardless of mg/ml and b. almost imposible to get into solution with oil. bold ace is a pain in the ass anyway, if you want a short acting bold product use a cyclodextrin carrier. but to answer your question you should be able to get into solution at around 75mg/ml. granted this was done with homemade bold ace and in a "nice" setting. your going to have to use more BA then you would like, 5% min and 10% preferably (be careful, some people find 10% ba painful, it doesn't bother me much at all and 7.5% is fine for me)


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