Are there any orals that are not liver damaging?

  1. Are there any orals that are not liver damaging?

    Can you help me out with this?

    D-bol,Adrol,Anavar are C-17 alkylated.

    Primo,on the other hand is not alkylated but methylated.

    Andriol is neither but the popular opinion is that it almost doesn`t get absorbed into the body.

    Are there any orals that are not liver damaging?

    Is methylated(primo) as bad for the liver as c-17alkylated?

  2. Talking

    you could run 1-androsterone and related compounds. a lot of people have good success with them. check out PP and forerunner lab's products perhaps? sorry if I sound like a noob. It's cause I am :-)

  3. There's a few out there.

    19Nor DHEA
    Max LMG
    All of LG Sciences line of Prohormones
    That's all I can think of right now.

  4. Furazadrol/Winadrol
    Bold (discontinued)

    Alternatives, if you want to go a different route include SARMs like Ostarine and others, or strong herbal formulas
    like LG's Natadrol. Or, non hormonal Erase + Anabeta stack, people report good gains on this.

    As a general rule though, anything strong enough to significantly increase test levels and give good gains, will cause SOME shutdown in natural
    test, so at least some kind of pct is needed. it can't hurt!

    hope this helps!

  5. It sucks winny is banned.
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