Hella toward ed of cycle?

  1. Hella toward ed of cycle?

    Just had my last pin on first test cycle. I have half an old bottle of helladrol lying around and was wondering if I can use it for the two weeks before I start pct?

    Now that I've used the real stuff I doubt I'll go back to PHms so I'd hate to see the hella go to waste

  2. It will take longer than 2 weeks to kick in

  3. If you have some more test run it for 2 more weeks and do the h-drol 4 weeks. In my experience 4 weeks is plenty to add strength and mass with it. In fact I seemed to gain the most in the first 3 weeks then it started tapering on the 4th week.

    And honestly, who cares is helladrol is a PH. Its still effective for what it is.

  4. Yeah I actually don't he any more test but ill just keep it in mind for next time. Reps for the help!

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