Resveratrol on cycle?

  1. Resveratrol on cycle?

    I've read that running a SERM on cycle is a bad idea unless you're experiencing gyno issues, but would running resveratrol during an H-Drol cycle cause any unwanted effects? I was thinking of using it just for it's beneficial health effects on cycle. Any advice greatly appreciated!

  2. Dude of course you can and should use resveratrol on cycle get resveratrol reserve or R spray from prototype nutrition. Much much better than capsules

  3. Such things are near-impossible to get here (Jakarta) unfortunately unless one is willing to spend insane amounts of money getting it through customs. I've opted for 'Natures Health' capsules, knocked down with some black pepper to get the piperine bioavailability increase. Thanks for your input though. Good to know a SERM, even a weak one like resveratrol isn't going to reduce the effectiveness of the H-Drol.

  4. Resveratrol is not a SERM so if you wanted to take it during your cycle then that's fine. You only want to use a SERM on cycle when you are trying to combat gyno like symptoms, which is why people have Nolva on hand during cycle.

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