AI (Arimedex) ?

  1. AI (Arimedex) ?

    Little history:

    Currently on 2oomg/week of Test C for TRT, and plannig a blast/cruise cycle, and have a question regarding dosing of Adex.

    Planned cycle:
    Test C - 200mg/week
    Test E - 250mg/week
    Turinabol - 25mg 2x/day

    I will run this for eight weeks, and then reduce to my TRT maintnance dose for two week leading up to my next blood test. As soon as I test, I will jump back on the Test C & Test E for another 8 weeks.

    I have adex on hand to control E2, just not sure of the proper dosage. I have read .5mg EOD as well as 1mg 2x/week. What would be a good starting point? I can adjust from there depending on how I'm feeling.

    Any comments are appreciated.

  2. .5mg eod is good

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