HDrol Cycle - Their stack or my own???

  1. HDrol Cycle - Their stack or my own???

    Looking at picking up a cycle. Not really sure if I should go with the advertised stack or get my own set together.

    CEL Cycle Assist.
    CEL PCT Assist.
    Berries, Milk Thris, etc.

    Or just go with the advertised stack. (Pick up some Nolva just to have on hand)

    1 Helladrol
    1 Forged Liver Support
    2 Forged Post Cycle
    1 Forma Stanzol
    Berries, Milk Thris etc.

    If I go with a stack like this, Is there something I should throw on top of the Helladrol to get better gains?


  2. where do you see advertized stack?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by marcink99
    where do you see advertized stack?
    the 2nd is the sources "stack" for helladrol

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