Little red dots on my skin. Anyone get this??

  1. Little red dots on my skin. Anyone get this??

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    Has anyone ever had these? i've had these on and off for about a year now. nothing too severe even when i'm not on cycle, but i'm on my 22nd day of DMZ and these dots have gotten more pronounced and i have them all over now instead of just a few places. anyone know what may cause this or had a similar experience? thanks

  2. see a dermatologist. it may be a type of fungus. I had that all over my thighs, ass, and forearms for months. I thought it was ringworm so I did all OTC and herbal ****. finally went to a doc and he said it was something different. he prescribed me some topical steroid cream and it disappeared in a week. my nine month old boy even had a dot like that and the pediatrician prescribed the same thing. apparently it's in everyone's bodies already, some just randomly become active

    OR you could have something completely different!!! have unprotected sex with any hookers?
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  3. have you washed your bed sheets? maybe you have bed bugs.
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  4. i came in to say "ya ****in sweat and acne." but now i want to say those god dam martians are leaving crop circles on your skin

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