well ****..measured test wrong? cycle cut short

  1. well ****..measured test wrong? cycle cut short

    was doing my first 10 wk cycle of test e at 500mg a wk

    ran out 8.5 weeks in.. my vial was 5 ml, so i either messed up dosage or it was underdosed i feel like i was crazy good about measuring and always took a long time (i mean this is my first cycle)

    anywho I know most recommend 10 wks as a minimum.. stopping now how will this affect my gains/keeping them?

    im taking hcg and arim now with nolva and clomid for pct if that helps


  2. Bump

  3. 10 weeks at 500mg a week is 5g of testsosterone. If you believe your vial is 5ml, and that it would last you ten weeks, it would need to be 1g/ml, which is physically impossible.

  4. Sorry I derpes there my test was 10 ml with 500 mg per ml. So ten weeks worth.. Or should have been lol

  5. Sounds about right. You always lose about 1/10 or so cc in the tip, so if you were showing 1cc with no air bubbles in the tip, then you probably have 1.1-1.2cc in there, but only 1cc of it is going to make it into your body.

  6. Makes sense. Well fudge thanks for the info just gotta watch for it next time


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