1. Triptorelin

    I was wondering what everyone opinion is on Triptorelin? I am coming off some heavy cycle use and am extremely shut down. I have run a traditional post cycle therapy (Novladex, Clomid, Tormiphene, herbal test booster) and still feel pretty shut down. Im trying to get as much information as I can on Triptorelin so any info helps.

  2. I highly recommend it. HIGHLY. Unfortunately it is not well known, but a miracle for HPTA restoration. Here is a great little write-up from a user on another site, good info:

    Here's some 411 on triptorelin if you havent seen it. The more I hear from people using this, the more amazed I become of the stuff.

    Plus I have a true testimony of a friend who's test serum level was below 100 even after using hcg for an extended peroid of time. He ran trip and his problems were solved. will that be the case for everyone? only time will tell.

    GnRH (triptorelin) 100mcg
    Dosing and side effects

    Like many chemicals, we want to really pay attention to our dosing. GnRH makes a great jumpstart, probably now the most effective jumpstart chem, because unlike hcg, it stimulates both lh - leutenizing hormone - and FSH - follicle stimulating hormone - to a higher extent and has a much more lasting effect. But much like hcg, dihydrotestosterone, HMB, ect ect, we need to be very careful with our pituitary and avoid hyper-stimulation. We need to pulse it once, at a small dose, simulating the pulse that is normally sent from our brain, and then let our bodies do the rest of the work.
    GnRH is so powerful that large doses (around 4mg), repeated once a month, is being used as a chemical form of castration. This dose is so intense on the pituitary, that it hyper-stimulates, resulting in castration-like levels of testosterone serum in the body. Much like hcg, dosing is delicate, and too much is not a good thing. We need to use GnRH as a restart, one-and-done, and not over-do things because it may have a much more opposite and negative effect.

    Without any further talk, here is my recommendation for use. One single 100mcg dose per cycle, after all esters have cleared the body and you are 100% ready for recovery. hcg should still be used on-cycle, but in my opinion this full-stimulation should be saved for the PCT and recovery phase. Use hcg on cycle to continue simulating lh - leutenizing hormone - , and then GnRH in the post cycle. Studies I have read have seen results from even 600mcg used in a three-day period, and still hpta - hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis - function was completely restored, and his hormone levels remained within the normal range during three checkups within the following year. This suggests that the restart will not have the “flare” effect if used at reasonable doses. Another study showed the same effect, with a dose of only one 100mcg injection into a bodybuilder who had been shutdown for 13 years. That said, no more then 100mcg per 4 months. Do not exceed 1mg within a year to avoid the castration-like shutdown of your system. That even gives you room to do it after an 8-week cycle, take the appropriate time off, and then begin another. And for oral-only cycles that are under 8 weeks, save your money, as triptorelin is not cheap stuff. Better yet, don’t do oral only cycles, as they are a waste of time, but that’s a whole nother fish to fry, which I will do later.

  3. Nice post Rhad. I have always wondered why this stuff has not gained more popularity on these boards.
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  4. Cool thanks guys

  5. So would u just do one shot at 100mcg day one of pct?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    So would u just do one shot at 100mcg day one of pct?
    Ya the timing can get tricky for injectible cycles, but for an oral you do day 1 of PCT. Injectible you have to play around a bit because of half life.


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